Programs & Future Initiatives

Our Work will focus on several areas, including campaigns, in-person events, sports training/development, education, and collaborative programs.


March 2023

Social Media Campaign

Look out for posts, stories and photos from several of our ambassadors and participants from our launch event. You can see them on our Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and Facebook accounts.

Posts would focus on the cause, action items, and discuss several of our key messages, including:

“Building community one game at a time”, “It’s not a moment, it’s a movement”, “Opportunity Through Unity”, and much more.


April 2023

Say No to Antisemitism Campaign

Say No to Antisemitism is an initiative created and led by Chelsea Football Club, who launched their global campaign against antisemitism in 2018.

In partnership with Creative Community For Peace and Unity Through Sport, a new North American initiative is being established to seek partnerships and bring together sports clubs, teams and leagues from around the continent who are actively working against Antisemitism and those who are interested in learning more about what role sport can have in fighting the oldest hatred. We are specifically targeting teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL & MLB.


October 2023

Sport Training & Development Program, In-Person

Kids ages 6-16 will apply to Unity Through Sport for subsidized participation in program, which will include:

  • Access to training/development/leagues in basketball, hockey, soccer and flag football.
  • Included will be uniform and or training apparel.
  • Part of program will be team building and anti-racism training.
  • “Play pack” will be provided for each participant.
  • Hockey, soccer, basketball and flag football programs will take place in Toronto, Miami and Los Angeles.

Future Initiatives

Conferences, live chats, roundtable discussions, interviews, and more.

Digital Seminars, web-based interactive experiences/workshops, coaching/student clinics, podcasts, blogs, games and videos. 

Leadership summits, mentorship programs, Unity Ambassadors, Become a Volunteer, etc.

Multicultural Sports Hall of Fame signature event.

Meet & Greets, Virtual Signings, joint programs with apparel and equipment companies, tournaments, product lines.